We would like to remind anyone organising a Christmas or New Year Event, or extending licensing hours, you may need to submit a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).  Whether it is mince pies and a glass of wine in the village hall, or later hours in a nightclub, if a sale of alcohol takes place, an authorisation is required.  Even a complementary glass of wine included in the ticket price at an event must be covered by either a licence to sell alcohol or a TEN.  The last day to submit a standard TEN for Christmas Eve is 9 December 2019 and for New Year’s Eve it is 12 December 2019.  TEN forms are available from the Council Offices or you can apply online at https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-a-licence/temporary-event-notice/boston/apply-1

If you need any advice please contact the Licensing Team by telephone on 01205 314235 or email licensing@boston.gov.uk