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Boston – The Small Town with a Big Story

The entire history of Boston – from salt making during the Roman occupation to the current flood barrier construction – is laid out in a new book.

‘Boston – The Small Town with a Big Story’ is the brainchild of Boston Borough Councillor Richard Austin.

He felt there had never been a book published which dealt with the entirety of the town’s history.

He assembled a team of writers to tackle 55 topics covering almost 2,000 years of history up to the modern day.

“I didn’t want it to be an academic tome, but a book which anyone could access, dip in and out of and learn more about Boston beyond what is readily known. Boston has a rich heritage, but only a small bit is understood by the majority of people. This book is an easy read, with plenty of illustrations and it’s my hope that it will whet the appetite for people to want to find out more.”

The book was launched at a full-day sell-out conference – An Untold Story: From the Stump to the Statue – at Boston’s Blackfriars Arts Centre on Saturday.

It is now available at a special introductory price of £10 from Shodfriars’ Cafe, Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston Guildhall and Fydell House.

Saturday’s conference was chaired by TV historian Jonathan Foyle, who has appeared on Time Team, Meet the Ancestors and Climbing Great Buildings.

The American guest speaker, Barry Cotton, explained the untold story of how ten men from Boston, Lincolnshire, in 1630 were central figures in the founding of Boston, Massachusetts, and the USA. Eve LaPlante, from the Partnership of the Historic Bostons in America, then eloquently explained how Anne Hutchinson, from Alford, at the same time, laid the foundations of women’s rights at the beginnings of the United States of America. These Lincolnshire men and women helped establish the USA we know today. 

Local historian Neil Wright described the situation in Boston in 1630 that encouraged the large emigration to America from Lincolnshire at that time.

The day was supported by the Boston Heritage Forum to highlight the “rich and diverse” history of the Borough of Boston and the Forum wants it to be used to promote the area as a good place to live, work and visit.

Richard book

Richard, centre, with the new book all about Boston, on stage at Blackfriars Arts Centre, with contributors.

Richard with book

Richard, with the new book, Boston: The Small Town With A Big Story. Edited by Richard and David Radford, it covers 55 topics written by a team of contributors.