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Boston, Lincolnshire uncovers more Pilgrim secrets

Some new and exciting information has been uncovered and will change how we look at the Pilgrim story in Boston and how the town’s connections had a profound influence on the foundation of the United States of America.

Boston has always been associated with the Pilgrims sailing to America in 1620, but until now has been thought of as the port and market town where, in 1607, a group of separatists with no connections to the town dramatically attempted to escape, only to be betrayed and arrested. New research is revealing a very different story, uncovering a complex and compelling tale of intrigue and influence which enhances Boston’s importance from the wider beginnings of the Pilgrims through to foundation and administration of Boston, Massachusetts in 1630.

Boston Guildhall, where the Pilgrims were famously tried and held after their betrayal in 1607, is developing a new Pilgrim and American themed exhibition which is uncovering these new connections. Original documents will be on display which will help tell the story in the very building where you can stand in the courtroom where the Pilgrims were tried, see the cells where they were held and be in the council chamber where the leaders of the town met and decided on the fates of many including themselves.  The museum will open its exhibition on Saturday, September 28 September where all visitors can enjoy the exhibition, activities, events and talks throughout the day.


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