Anything to declare?

When life is busy for everyone the last thing you may think about is your Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) forms, but these are very important to keep up to date.

If you fail to notify myself the Monitoring Officer at Boston Borough Council within 28 days of a pertinent change in your circumstances, this could amount to a criminal offence.

For example:-

  • Have you changed jobs?
  • Have you moved house?
  • Have you taken up a new position, such as a county councillor or become a trustee or joined a charity in a position of management?
  • Have you acquired any new pieces of land or property?
  • Have you gained a new contract for a piece of work?
  • Has your wife/husband/partner’s circumstances changed?

These are all things that mean your DPI register requires updating and constitute changes that should be notified to myself as the Monitoring Officer.

The DPI forms and Local Choice Interest (LCI) forms can be downloaded here DPI form / LCI form

If you need to update the information contained on your interest forms please contact your Parish Clerk or Lorraine Bush, Democratic Services Manager, via e-mail at or telephone 01205 314224.