Boston Borough Council is appealing for information from local residents and businesses relating to fly-tipping in the borough of Boston.

Fly-tipping is regularly reported to us and where we find evidence in the waste we will take action against those responsible. However, there are occasions when identifying the culprits is not possible from the waste left behind.

Therefore the council is urging anyone who recognises where waste has come from or has spotted any suspicious behaviour in laybys or fly tipping hot spots to come forward sharing any evidence on dashcam footage by emailing

Compared to June 2019 when there were 68 fly-tips reported, June 2020 has seen a near 4-fold increase to 254. From March to June 2019 there were 342 incidents whereas the same period in 2020 there were 798, more than double the incidents.

The council do arrange for the fly-tipped waste to be removed as soon as possible when reported however, we are appealing for your help.

Cllr Yvonne Stevens, portfolio holder for waste services at Boston Borough Council, said: “Cleaning up any fly-tipped waste is time-consuming and expensive – and the cost of collecting and disposing of these items is essentially paid for by council tax payers, money that could otherwise be spent in ways that directly benefit residents.

“Anyone producing waste has a duty to make sure they know who is taking their waste away, and that it will be disposed of appropriately. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine.

“Anyone offering to take waste away must be registered to carry it, or it might end up dumped and you could be prosecuted for failing to take reasonable steps in preventing a fly-tipping incident.

“To reiterate the above please email any information and/or evidence you may have to”

To check whether someone is licenced to carry waste visit or call 03708 506506.