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Should I Claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and Council Tax Support?

  • If you are liable to pay rent at your property.

You should only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if one of the following is true:

  • you have reached State Pension age
  • you live in temporary accommodation
  • you live in sheltered or supported housing with special facilities such as alarms or wardens

If not, you’ll need to claim Universal Credit instead

  • You can claim for Discretionary Housing Payment.

This scheme allows us to make additional payments to people who receive Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit who appear to need further help with their rent.

These are not intended to be long term ongoing payments; they are normally awarded on a short term or one off basis to assist you while you take action to improve your financial circumstances, this can be either a shortfall in your ongoing costs or to clear rent arrears.

An application can be made using the editable online DHP application and return it to if you have any problems with this application please contact 01205 314202

  •  If you are liable to pay Council Tax at your property.

You can easily report your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support changes by clicking the link Boston Borough Council (

You should make a claim for Council Tax Support with Boston Borough Council, by completing the editable online application and return it to if you have any problems with this application please contact 01205 314202.

Any supporting evidence you send via email to please can you make sure that it references your name and address within the embodiment of the email so post can be linked with your application.

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