Report Your Changes


All changes of circumstances must be reported immediately to the revenues and benefits office. It is now a criminal offence not to report a change.

A change of circumstance can be any of the following:

  • Your Income Support or Jobseeker’s ending
  • Starting or stopping work
  • Increases or decreases in your regular earnings
  • Tax Credits, stopping, starting, increasing or decreasing
  • Other Social Security benefits stopping, starting, increasing or decreasing
  • Changes in maintenance being received. Although maintenance is now disregarded, we still need to know
  • Inheriting or receiving any land, property, investments, assets or other capital (over £250)
  • Winning the Lottery, the pools or other cash prizes (Over £250)
  • Moving address
  • A partner moving in or moving out
  • A dependant child joining or leaving your household or a newborn child
  • Increases or decreases in any unearned income
  • Private tenants, boarders, lodgers and housing association tenants must notify changes to the rent (for example rent Increases or decreases)
  • Dependant children leaving education to start work
  • Pension payments starting, stopping, increasing or decreasing
  • Death of claimant, partner or children included in the claim
  • Other people living in your home who join, or leave your home
  • Changes in the circumstances of other people (non – dependants) living in your home (including changes In their income).

This list is not exhaustive.

Once you claim housing benefit and council tax support you are responsible for notifying any change in circumstances that could affect the information originally provided on your claim form. It could affect the amount of benefit granted. A printable version of the form to report a change in circumstances is also available from the document list below.

Forms for notifying change/s of circumstances are available from our customer services team. They can be contacted on 01205 314202 or via email at

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . All notifications should be in writing. If you do not tell us about any change in your circumstances that increase your benefit within one calendar month of the change happening, your benefit will only increase from the Monday after we receive the notification, unless you can show us that there was a very good reason for the delay.

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