As you may already know Boston Big Local was given £1million to spend over 10 years.

They plan to invest in many community projects and have also set £100,000 aside for a major project in our final year, which is 2025.

They are now looking for your feedback on 2 questions:

  1. What community projects would you like to see in the BBL area?
  2. What would you like the £100,000 major project to be?

To share your views please fill in the form at or alternatively, you can email your views to marking it with the subject – BBL Ideas.

Some suggestions so far for community projects are:

  • Giant Chess in Central Park
  • Community Rock Choir
  • Community Artist to teach painting
  • Volunteers to clean up the town
  • More events including Party in the Park and more events for children
  • Every ward to have a working group
  • Improve the Market and more Shops
  • Moreover 60’s groups
  • Walk-in-centre for young people with mental health issues/meeting place to go and talk to
  • Exercise group for Mum’s and daughters
  • Homeless centre
  • Wishing fountain in the centre of town
  • Exercise equipment in Shelton’s field
  • Free toilets
  • Family sports day
  • Healthy eating for families
  • Carnival to raise community spirit
  • More Benches to sit on around the town
  • More Toddler groups for Young mum’s and dad’s to attend
  • More multi-use games areas
  • Outdoor fitness classes for families to exercise together
  • Better network for those with mental health – especially for youngsters

Some suggestions for the £100k major project have been:

  • Sculpture
  • Homeless shelter
  • A Bandstand in Central Park
  • Band Stand in Central Park
  • Look after what the youngsters would like if they are happy I am happy
  • More events – The ones that are organised are brilliant so more, please
  • A water splash zone in Central Park
  • A new Skate-park

Share you views at