Every year an independent, third party audit is required to retain accreditation to ensure an organisation provides products and services in a way that consistently meets customer requirements and consistent standards of quality assurance and legal compliance.

On Tuesday 9th November, Building Control at East Lindsey was subjected to such an audit by the independent auditors, British Standards Institute (BSI).

From this, East Lindsey’s Building Control Service underwent rigorous auditing and were accredited ISO 9001 for another three years. The BSI Auditor in closing his audit said, “management review and operational controls are very strong, with no issues” and that he had found plenty of examples of “compliance with details accurately recorded”. He concluded saying, “knowledge of the team is excellent”.

Boston Borough Council has also been accredited to the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Quality Management in 2019 and again in June this year, where no non-conformities were identified, or recommendations suggested.

This means that customers of the Building Control Services, at both East Lindsey District Council and Boston Borough Council (residents or builders) can relax knowing that they will receive an independently assessed, quality service that meets their needs.

Christian Allen, Assistant Director for Regulatory at Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey said, “It is a triumph for both Building Control teams at Boston and East Lindsey, for their continual hard work which has been clearly highlighted by the audits and the fantastic outcome of being accredited quality standards”.