At a meeting of the full Council on Monday the 20th of January, elected members considered nine recommendations for actions to take in response to the issue of Climate Change. All nine recommendations were accepted by the Council including the following declaration:-

“Boston Borough Council declares an ongoing climate and environment emergency and commits to a pledge to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint and become netzero carbon in advance of the timetable declared by UK Parliament”

The Council also outlined actions the organisation will take to achieve its aims. Here are these actions in full:

  • All Council reports, policies and practices shall incorporate climate change mitigation and environmental impact as key drivers for consideration.
  • UK Government be requested to provide financial support to Councils to achieve/improve upon their carbon reduction commitments.
  • Include the environment, carbon reduction and halting climate change within the Council’s emerging corporate strategy.
  • Collate and promote the positive activity and success of the Council’s work across all areas of environmental good practice.
  • Request that the Environment & Performance Committee adopt Climate Change within its terms of reference.
  • Develop, cost and propose a series of “quick wins” and activity reporting and monitoring progress to the E & P Committee over the next two years.
  • Explore options for cost effective, accredited and audited options for commercial carbon offsetting schemes.
  • Move to a “Green Energy” source utility supplier as soon as possible.

As well as the declaration, this month has also seen work progress on the installation of Electric Vehicle charging points in six of the Councils Car Parks.