Boston Borough Council is inviting Bostonians from all backgrounds to pledge support to its campaign, #BeBoston, in an effort to celebrate the market town’s multicultural community.

As part of its Pride of Place initiative, the campaign will seek to foster a sense of pride across Boston and its borough, as well as to build stronger relationships between UK-born Bostonians and the borough’s diverse community of established citizens from predominantly Eastern European countries.

The project is to be underpinned by a social media campaign, in which Boston residents are invited to pledge their support for the cause by adding a specially-designed #BeBoston cover image to their social media profiles – a banner which will symbolise their collective pride in and vision for the future of Boston.

Those who take part are also encouraged to document their own positive experiences of the town online, from showcasing their favourite haunts and calling attention to Boston’s unsung heroes, to sharing pictures of the town’s landmarks or much-loved shops.

Explaining the ethos behind the campaign and how others can get involved, Lydia Rusling, Assistant Director for Economic Growth at Boston Borough Council, said: “There’s no denying that for some time here in Boston, there has been significant negativity between our residents – and we believe it’s time to change that. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of community.

“The aim of the #BeBoston campaign is to unify those community groups through their connection to Boston and its boroughs. We want to empower residents from all backgrounds to make a commitment to their hometown and celebrate the best parts of all the cultures that make up such a fantastic place.”

Lydia, added: “That’s why we’re asking our community to get behind the campaign by pledging their support online and adding the #BeBoston cover image to their social media profiles. It’s our hope that the cover image will be a beacon of positivity, in what has – and continues to be – a challenging time for all.

“It takes just one person to spark the flame, and we believe this campaign will be the route towards change and a bright future for Boston.”

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign’s launch, Councillor Martin Griggs, said: “Boston has a fantastic community, one which I am exceptionally proud to not only serve but to also be a part of. And, this campaign is a really wonderful way to celebrate all that makes Boston so great. From its diverse mix of residents who choose to call Boston home, to the brilliant variety of independent shops and restaurants that are the backbone of our high street, there is so much to celebrate about our great town.

“The past year and a half has really shone a light on how important community and togetherness is, so it’s never been more important for the people of Boston to pledge their support, come together and join us in making Boston the very best it can be.”

For more information on the campaign and how you can access the #BeBoston cover image, visit

Fran Harrod, Boston Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, Ben Gardner (influencer), Councillor Paul Skinner, Councillor Judith Skinner, Councillor Yvonne Stevens and PC Will Robson