In a recent Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) meeting held on May 20th, the committee agreed to closing Central Park from dusk until dawn from Monday 6th September 2021 for a one-year trial period, in order to reduce noise and anti-social behaviour incidents taking place over night.

The proposal came from Councillor Neill Hastie who represents the Witham Ward along with Councillor Viven Edge, who have received complaints from residents living near Central Park about noise and anti-social behaviour which has recently seen an increase taking place through the night in the park.

A private security firm has been contracted for the clearing of the park and locking of the gates, initially supported by Boston Neighbourhood Policing Team. Inspector Fran Harrod said that, “We hope that in taking this step to relock Central Park between dusk and dawn undesirable behaviour will once more cease to be the source of nuisance and anti-social behaviour to those living, working or visiting nearby”.

Chairman of BTAC, Councillor Paul Goodale said, “We are hoping that by closing the park overnight, the anti-social behaviour that takes place during the hours of darkness will be significantly reduced, which I am sure the residents living in close proximity to the park will appreciate. However, we would like the residents of Boston to be able to make as much use out of the park as possible which is why we have decided to close the park only from the time it begins to get dark, so throughout the year the times will change due to the sunset and sunrise.”