Boston’s recently reopened HMV shop in Pescod Square has escaped the closure axe announced by new owner Doug Putman.

He runs Sunrise Records and has bought HMV after it went into administration within a few months of reopening at its former premises in Boston.

Breath was being held this morning when it was announced on national news outlets that while 100 HMV would remain open, 27 were to close.

Those on the closure list include Peterborough Queensgate, Bluewater, Manchester Trafford, Oxford Street, Sheffield Meadowhall and Thurrock… but not Boston.

The deal protects the jobs of 1,487 workers across HMV’s stores and head office. The stores will continue to operate under the HMV brand.

Mr Putman said: “We believe it’s a chain that’s going to be around … the customers love it. We get amazing support, which is great. So I think this is a very long road ahead.”

He added that 27 of the stores would close because of high rents.

Sunrise already has 70 HMV stores in Canada