It is important that the Borough of Boston continue to secure investment from central Government, which enables growth and prosperity through a series of economic interventions.

The launch of the Governments £3.6bn Towns Fund has given Boston, through a Town Deal the opportunity for further significant investment of up to £25 million to facilitate future economic growth focusing on regeneration, improved transport, better broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

To enable access to the Towns Fund, a Town Deal Board is required to develop a well-evidenced Town Investment Plan, which sets out a clear understanding of the area, focusing on its assets, opportunities and challenges.

To maximise the investment opportunity the Town Investment Plan should set out priorities that will drive economic growth, supported by clear evidence and targeting investment into the economic infrastructure listed around the objectives of the fund, which are urban regeneration, skills and enterprise infrastructure and connectivity as well as making full use of existing powers, particularly in planning.

To ensure that all communities have the opportunity to be part of developing the investment plan, the Town Deal Board have developed an on-line ‘Call for Projects – Expressions of Interest’ form and along with other important Town Deal information can be accessed via a dedicated website

Try not to limit your thoughts and ideas – be bold, particularly when thinking about what Boston’s future could hold. Please complete by 11.59pm on Friday 21st February 2020.

You can also share your thoughts and ideas for projects on the ‘#MyTown’ link within