The stunning medieval Boston Guildhall, shares stories from the past and is able to be explored as one of the finest visitor attractions in the town.

The current display of Permanent Exhibitions shares stories from the time that the building was built by the Gild of St Mary through to the towns links with the Pilgrims and our American Connections.

Discover the history of the Gild, view their Inventory of belongings and learn more about the Beadsmen who would pray for them to lessen their time in purgatory.  Stand in the cells that held people awaiting the quarter sessions in the court room above and explore the kitchens that once served the town as a British Restaurant here in Boston Guildhall.  

With architecture dating from medieval times when the building was built, including the tracery window in the Banqueting Hall and the beautiful linen fold cupboard in the council chamber, through to the Georgian style decor and panelling, the history and changes of the towns wealth through history can be seen reflected in the changes of the building and it’s uses.


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