‘Mayor-Making’ as it’s colloquially known is when the retiring Mayor hands over the chains of office to the incoming Mayor; and last Monday it was handed over from Councillor Frank Pickett to Councillor Anne Dorrian which was full of warmth and fellowship – in stark contrast to the usual back and forth of political debate.

Councillor Anne Dorrian tell us: “Well, would you believe the very first thing that struck me about becoming the new Mayor is just how heavy the robes and chains are! Who knew?! And hot too, under all that wool and fur!

“In terms of numbers, I am the 487th Mayor, and the proper title of the office is The Worshipful the Mayor of Boston. It’s quite breathtaking and not a little humbling, that we have so much history to be proud of and I think that we are very lucky to have such wonderful traditions in our town.

“My week then flew by with some local tasks, none of which required the robes or the chains. On Wednesday, I helped short-list for the Platinum Jubilee Bake-Off Competition, which is being run as a partnership between Boston Borough Council and Boston College. The entrants have gone to considerable trouble to design, name and bake their cakes and I’m really looking forward to the actual Bake-Off next week because that’s when I get to actually taste them!

“On Thursday, I helped to judge a primary school Jubilee-focused competition, again this was run in a partnership; this time between Boston Borough Council and the Voyage Education Trust. Gosh, it was difficult! We have some extremely talented children in our borough and out of several hundred entries, we’ve whittled it down to 32 finalists. Those children will be invited to have lunch in the Council Chamber and I can’t wait for the buzz of excitement that will bring!

“Last Saturday, I met with two very committed officers on the Council’s market stall and spent a couple of hours engaging with local market traders and members of the general public. There’s no doubt that our market has lost both traders and shoppers and that is a big worry. We must do all we can to ensure that we bring back the vibrancy of yesteryear so please feel free to share any ideas you have, that might help us.

“Yesterday, saw my first ‘Meet the Mayor’ afternoon and I loved every second of it! A few local women joined me in the Mayor’s Parlour for a cup of tea and a biscuit. We talked, we listened, and we laughed! Most importantly, we shared our ideas of how we can all help to make Boston a better place to live. Upon leaving, one woman said, “That was like being in an episode of Loose Women!” and I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Mondays visit from Melanie White, Jayne Rush, Cllr Anne Dorrian, Julie Perrot, Jane Keightly and Helen Staples


Nathan from Voyage Education helps Councillor Dorrain shortlist the Jubilee competition entries

Nathan from Voyage Education helps Councillor Dorrain shortlist the Jubilee competition entries