Motorists in Boston are being warned of individuals purporting to be police officers or traffic wardens who are out to scam them. Elderly victims, in particular, are being targeted, approached while in car parks and told that they’ve parked illegally or they’ve broken the speed limit. The scammers claim that a photo of their car has been taken as “evidence”.

Victims are told that they’ll face a large penalty fine that can be reduced if paid up front immediately. Once opting for the upfront fine, victims are directed to a parking meter which has been tampered with to retain the card and the offenders look over their shoulder to memorise the PIN used.

Boston Borough Council’s car park wardens would never ask you to do this, so if you’re suspicious of the authenticity of the fine, do not pay it until you have verified it with the council.

Always shield your PIN from view when using any machine; never share your PIN with anyone.

Immediately contact your bank to inform them if your card has been retained by an ATM.