We have been made aware of a number of images posted on social media showing alleged culprits either defecating or urinating in public in Boston. Unfortunately, the public who are posting these images are not reporting these incidents to the council or police. Action cannot be taken if these incidents are not reported.

Therefore the council and the police will work together in the following way.  Where our officers find these incidents occurring, they will of course deal with them.  However, if the person suspected has been caught on camera, we request that you do the following (exactly the same process that people are already using to share to social media).

From the image screen on your smartphone select ‘share’ and ‘email’ and send to waste@boston.gov.uk

Please provide contact details so we can get in touch, as we can only use evidence from the person who ACTUALLY WITNESSED the activity, and took the picture or video.  In the email let us know if you know the identity of the suspect along with details of time, date and location the incident was taking place.  We will contact you, record a brief account of what you saw, when, where and that it was you who recorded the behaviour.

If you know the identity of the person responsible and we can verify this, they will receive a Fixed Penalty Fine (FPN) of £150.  If you do not, we can share the image / video officially (as has been done in the past for littering), and if anyone identifies the offender, a FPN of £150 will be issued by the council.

The images/ videos will also be viewed by police, and if it is clear that it is more appropriate they deal with the behaviours shown, they will take over as the enforcement agency.”