There have always been hazards in the home, but modern life has brought along a whole new batch of risks.

And these will be tackled during Child Safety Week, from June 3 to 9.

This year’s theme is “Family life today: Where’s the risk?” highlighting the new dangers from modern lifestyles and simple solutions to keep children safe.

Accidents in and around the home are a leading cause of preventable death for children under five years old, and are a major cause of ill health and serious disability.

Child Safety Week is the flagship annual campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, which is the UK’s leading charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in preventable accidents.

Child Safety Week aims to help families make sense of the real risks to their children and the simple ways that accidents can be prevented.
Dangers in the home include things like button batteries, particularly lithium cell coin batteries that can kill when swallowed, poisoning from items such as washing capsules, stopping breathing which can be caused by nappy sacks being stored under cot mattresses that can suffocate babies, falls, burns and scolds, road safety, drowning and fire safety.

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