Boston’s City Status application submitted and backed by local groups and businesses

Boston Borough Council has submitted their application for City Status for Boston as part of the Queen’s 2022 Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The application has been supported by local groups and businesses, identifying the town’s recent growth in the food industry, plus the investment from the Boston Town Deal fund. It emphasises history and heritage and its connections with our twinned partner places across the globe. City Status will help to instil civic pride in Boston whist aiding the economy and the economic growth of the area. The application submitted states that “Boston’s application will not just catalogue its history and provide a record of its features; it will capture the spirit of its people, both past and current, to present a new future fit for its bestowal and honour of city distinction.” It should be noted that bidding for city status is often linked to bigger regeneration and promotion programmes that will continue in the future.

Thank you, Team Boston