Civic Guidance

Civic Guidance for The Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations


Town Criers

Invited to undertake Proclamation at 2pm Thursday 2nd June

See page 10 for the Proclamation statement in the Guide to Taking Part


Beacon Lighting – attached letter “Queens Platinum Jubilee Beacons”

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons 2022 (

A variety of Beacons are available – Participation should be registered with Bruno Peek See page 15 of the document Guide to Taking Part.  All Beacons should be registered no later than the 1st June 2022.

Three forms of Beacons can be considered: Gas beacons £490 plus vat – order deadline from recommended providers 18th April. Commissioning of local crafts people to create a beacon to create from the template of a Beacon Brazier. Bonfire Beacon.

Using existing Beacon Braziers is also recommended where these permanent structures are in place.  If wished Beacons can be included within an interactive map and details should be submitted to www.

Alongside the Beacons, 7 trees are encouraged to be planted in a circle to recognise the Jubilee and also support sustainability of the planet.  Each tree recognising a decade of the Queens Reign. This is a different initiative to the Queens Green Canopy detailed below.


Pipers and Buglers and Cornet Players

Individual pipers and bands are being asked to play Diu Regnare within central locations.  To be performed at 9:35pm.

See page 11 of the Guide to Taking Part for the music. 

A unique Bugle Call “Majesty” has been written for bugle and cornet players to perform at the location of Beacons at 9:40pm

See page 12 of the Guide to Taking Part for the music


A Song for the Commonwealth Song – “A Life Lived with Grace”

To coincide with the lighting of the Beacons, choirs are encouraged to perform the unique song “Song for the Commonwealth” at 9:45pm.  This does not need to be performed at the location of the Beacon.  Choirs should sign up to partake QPJB – NEW | Commonwealth Resounds The song is available to download from the link from the 2nd January 2022.

See page 13 of the Guide to Taking Part.