Boston Signs Group and Boston Big Local receive Civic Awards for their service to the community during a special recognition ceremony hosted in the Council Chambers this afternoon.

Boston Signs Group were recognised for their work in refurbishing and recreating five of the town’s signs on the approach roads into Boston.

Local resident Mike Gilbert, decided to recreate the worn-looking signs last year on the link roads coming into Boston and took to social media to create a team of volunteers that came together and spent many hours working on the recreation/ renovation of the signs.

The team consisted of Dmitrii Buravlev, supply chain manager at Metsa Wood UK, his wife Natalia, and members of the Men’s Shed Group. Dmitrii helped erect the signs and sponsored sheets of marine ply, in addition to the ply and paint supplied by Boston Borough Council, whilst Natalia hand painted them.

Mike Gilbert renovated two signs, with the help of John Shaw who sadly passed before seeing the signs finished, which are now displayed on Spilsby Road and Horncastle Road. Whilst Dmitrii and Natalia, finished another three signs which are now displayed on the A16, Sleaford Road and London Road.

Mike Gilbert said “This was an extraordinary task we set ourselves. We were so fortunate to have a talented team of volunteers who all worked painstakingly hard to recreate this signage for our residents and visitors to the town. What was particularly remarkable was how well the Community and the Council worked together throughout this project demonstrating high levels of trust between them”.

Boston Big Local Group were also recognised for their efforts in creating the fantastic Boston edition of the Monopoly Board Game.

Local residents were given 1500 opportunities to be able to roll a dice and take a “chance” in purchasing a game of Boston UK Monopoly. The Boston Monopoly Board was launched in December 2021 and cost just £30 each and within only a few weeks it was a complete sell out. The limited-edition board game has Boston themed playing pieces, community chest and chance cards, and local locations around the outside of the board.

The two groups were invited to a reception with The Worshipful the Mayor of Boston, Councillor Frank Pickett and the Proposer for the Motion at an earlier council meeting last month, Councillor Tom Ashton.

The Mayor of Boston, said: “I feel proud and honoured to award these two groups today with their Civic Awards, as a token of our gratitude for their hard work and devotion to the Borough.”

Councillor Tom Ashton, said: “I am delighted that colleagues supported our Motion to say ‘Thank You’ for a job well done. These are two community groups who have given countless hours of their time to improve our town and put Boston on the Monopoly map, and it is right that we are able give proper recognition for their efforts.”