During this festive period it is traditional to have a Christmas Party with all your colleagues to exchange your cards and gifts and celebrate another good year together and of course be merry (but not too merry of course) with family and friends outside of work.

Boston Borough Council’s Community Safety Team wish you all a “Happy Christmas” and would like to invite all of you to join us in a special Christmas meal with a message.

All you need to do is choose from the menu below and soon we’ll be safely celebrating Christmas together.

Your car and all its trimmings

  • Car thief’s classic: Car left unlocked, with windows open. Always lock doors and windows and use a steering lock.
  • Starter’s orders: Keys left in ignition. Never leave keys in the ignition and the car unattended.
  • Santa’s surprise: Presents on passenger seats. Keep presents out of sight. If they can be seen, they can be stolen.
  • Hot-wired saloon: Leave your vehicle in a well-lit location or your car could be someone else’s Christmas treat.
  • Chef’s treasure chest: Served with valuables. Thieves look in glove compartments first for mobile phones and other valuables – take them with you.

Main Course
Your house on a plate

  • House hotpot: Doors and windows insecure. Make sure all windows and doors are locked.
  • Santa’s parcels: Presents displayed under the Christmas tree. Keep presents out of sight.
  • Tasty takeaways: Car keys and handbags left in handy places. Hall tables are the first places thieves look for valuables.
  • Holiday haven for thieves: It’s obvious no-one’s home. Going on holiday? Leave lights and a radio on timer switches; ask a neighbour to go in and collect mail. Remember to cancel the papers and milk if you still have them delivered
  • Open sesame: Opening your door to strangers. Use a door chain and viewer, only open the door to visitors when you are happy with their identity.

Your portable property

  • Pedal power: Bicycles not secure and not marked. Lock bikes and get them marked with your postcode and house number.
  • Shed surprise: Valuable tools for the discerning thief. Secure your shed with a bolt and padlock and consider fitting an alarm.
  • Devil’s drink: Don’t leave your drink unattended. Leave your drink alone and it could get spiked.

Coffee and mints
Surprisingly sour: Cheap goods passed on could be stolen – if you are offered a quality product for a bargain, ensure the source is genuine. Beware online “bargains” and “special offers” via social media. If it sounds too good to be true… you know the rest! Be on your guard against any spam phone calls, emails or posted mail. Never give out personal details, especially bank details, and don’t trust “offers” requiring you to send money to release prizes or funds. If it’s a phone call do not trust a security number the caller gives you to confirm their identity. Wait and then call a trusted number first, or, if the caller claims to be from your bank call your bank on a number you trust. Not every jolly person is Santa.