We have received a consultation from BT in relation to proposals to remove 2 payphones in our area.

A copy of the consultation is attached for your information, and the proposed payphones to be removed are as follows;

  • Junction of Mount Bridge Windsor Bank, Boston (01205 362853)
  • Opposite Pincushion Inn, London Road, Boston (01205 363109)

The Local Authority are required to carry out consultation with local groups and consider any representations received in relation to the removal of the payphones. A first notification will then be prepared, setting out whether the Local Authority agrees or objects to the proposals and a further consultation will be carried out to this notification prior to a final notification being issued before the close of the consultation on 1st March 2020.

Any comments you wish to make on the above consultation must be received in writing by 17th January 2020. You can make comment by email to planning@boston.gov.uk or send them to the postal address marked for the attention of Development Management.

This consultation process gives your local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage’ phone box and make them an asset that local people can enjoy.  It’s really simple to do and it costs just £1 –  http://bt.com/adopt. If this is something the community is interested in, please include as a response to the consultation and the council will pass details on to BT on your behalf.

Please be aware that Boston Borough Council are not the determining authority in relation to the removal of payphones by BT, we are being consulted on the proposals.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Development Management Team on 01205 314305.