A scheme to support those in need to pay their council tax has been approved by Boston Borough Council’s Full Council.

The scheme is reviewed every year and options go out for consultation with the public. A majority of those who commented agreed the current scheme should continue, was fair and provided support to those most vulnerable.

The Council agreed to increase the value to be in line with the Department of Work and Pensions for working age social security benefits and non-dependant deductions, but assess working age applicants who are working and in receipt of universal credit every three months, unless there is a significant change in their income.

This is to maintain a consistent approach to Boston’s Council Tax Support Scheme since its introduction in 2013/14, it will also alleviate the challenges received by the introduction of universal credit. It continues to recognise the additional needs of the vulnerable through the approach to its calculation. Reducing the need for monthly recalculations offers administrative savings.

There will be assistance for working-age residents who need help to pay their council tax. Those who are eligible can claim a discount of up to 75 per cent; pensioners and war widows of all ages qualify for up to 100 per cent.

Those who are self-employed must meet a minimum income level and there will be a maximum one-month backdate period for working-age claims.

Cllr Jonathan Noble, Portfolio Holder for Financial Services, said: “At the meeting of Boston’s Full Council on Monday, 23rd November, councillors showed their unanimous support for this amended scheme which provides invaluable assistance to citizens who are financially vulnerable.”