We need your views on our proposed Council Tax Support Scheme for 2022/23.

The Council Tax Support scheme is a way of helping people on low or no income pay their Council Tax bill. Each year the Council must decide whether to change the scheme for working age applicants in the area.

Currently the scheme protects those people over pension age (as prescribed by Government), and all War Disablement Pensioners, War Widows and War Widowers. It is means tested but allows for vulnerability.

The current scheme also limits the maximum help working-age people can receive to 75 per cent, leaving 25 per cent of their council tax to pay.

We currently pay Council Tax Support to around 2,340 working age households.

For the year 2022/23 we are proposing to keep the Council Tax Support scheme the same as it is in 2021/22, and are seeking views on whether we should up-rate our scheme for working age claimants in line with the Department for Work and Pensions provisions for Housing Benefit.

This will apply to all Council Tax Support claimants and will keep the local Council Tax Support scheme aligned with national welfare provisions.

Retaining the main characteristics of our current Council Tax Support scheme means there will be no major changes to the support a customer would receive.

Councillor Jonathan Noble, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Commercial, has made the following statement: “I encourage all Boston Borough citizens who appreciate the importance of this Scheme to contact the Council and express a view as to whether it should be uprated for the next financial year.”

We would welcome your views as part of this consultation. To take part please visit www.mybostonuk.com/consultation/

Closing date for submission of responses is Friday 12 November 2021.

To request a paper copy of the survey please call 01205 314265.