Boston Borough Council have announced they are appointing new Covid Advisors.

The Advisors, who will work across the Boston and East Lindsey areas, will support residents and businesses in understanding the latest guidance on Covid-19 restrictions; helping to identify any compliance issues and proactively engaging with individuals and businesses, to explain how they can follow the latest guidance and laws.

In addition to providing general advice on what practical steps can be taken to help control the spread of the virus, Advisors will be able to link in with colleagues to provide detailed, specialist advice where it is required and will work closely with Council’s Environmental Health Team to support their role in enforcing the current guidelines, where necessary and proportionate to do so.

The recruitment of the Advisors, who will start take up their role shortly, has been made possible with funding from Central Government aimed at supporting Councils in their role to engage and educate businesses and residents on how they can comply with Covid-19 guidance and regulations.

Christian Allen, Assistant Director for Regulation, said: “I’m pleased that through the Strategic Alliance between Boston Borough and East Lindsey District Councils we have been able to develop our Covid Advisor scheme. By pooling our resources, we will be able to engage Advisors who will play a crucially important role in educating, engaging and encouraging businesses and residents across our combined area to understand and follow the latest restrictions set out by Government. As the Advisors gain local intelligence of emerging issues we will be able to ensure they are deployed in areas where they will be most effective and we will be working with our partner organisations, through the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, to understand what lessons can be learned to develop our scheme further.”