Mattress and sofa fly tipped in a town centre lane – Courtesy of Flytipping Watch Boston

BOSTON continues to be blighted by fly-tipping with the Borough Council’s flyswat team responding to over 300 incidents per month in the town and the surrounding parishes.

Since January 2021 the team have collected 1,928 individual fly-tips in the town and surrounding parishes this has amounted to almost 83 tonnes of waste.

Images published by the Borough Council demonstrate the scale of the issue the area is facing and the Council’s recently appointed Portfolio Holder for Waste, Councillor Deborah Evans is clear in her commitment to leading the charge to tackle the issue head on.

Councillor Evans, said: “The fly-tipping we face both in Boston and our rural communities is unacceptable and it must stop.  Frankly, I’m shocked and disappointed at the images the team are showing to me of the fly-tips they are dealing with. Those dumping waste on our country lanes and streets don’t care about our Borough and together – the Council and community – must unite to address the issue.

The fine for fly-tipping in the Borough will be increasing to £400.

Councillor Evans, continued: “Whilst the Council will take a very hard line against those who unlawfully dispose of their waste in the Borough, the Council does accept that there is a need to properly inform the community on what is and isn’t acceptable in relation to the bring sites at Asda and Tesco, following the recent concerns raised about the FPNs that have been issued for what is classed as fly-tipping at the sites. We do acknowledge there may be a number of instances where those who have been issued FPNs have mitigating circumstances and where this is the case we’d be pleased to hear from those individuals so we can ensure our response has been proportionate.

“Going forward, should any waste be littered or fly-tipped in the Borough – including at the bring sites – the Council will have a zero tolerance approach and those offenders should expect a Fixed Penalty Notice.”

Anyone who has been issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice and believes they have mitigating circumstances should email giving your name, address, contact details, your mitigation and the date of offence and the FPN number.

From Monday 28h June 2021 Boston Borough Council will take zero tolerance and enforcement action against anyone caught littering or fly-tipping in the Borough.

Fly-tipping at Asda Bring Site

Village lane fly-tip – Image from the Fly-tipping Watch Boston group

More fly-tipping at Asda Boston around the Bring Site Banks

A village lane close to a dyke where a tipper load of fly-tipping was dumped