In response to two major strategic transport consultations, the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership (Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council, and South Holland District Council) has called for greater investment in public transport, roads, and green transport infrastructure.

In its recent responses to both Highways England’s ‘Vision for Route Strategies’ consultation and Lincolnshire County Council’s Local Transport Plan consultation, the Partnership highlighted the need for a more ambitious transport plan for the area, in order to attract the investment needed to improve local transport infrastructure for the benefit of residents and businesses across the sub-region.

The Partnership has specifically called for:

  • Major investment in the A16 and A17 to recognise the route’s national significance and to support residents, visitors and businesses – especially those within the Agri-food sector, an industry in which the area is a national leader.
  • Investment in the road network that links the area’s rural communities together, and measures to address congestion, noise, and air pollution to preserve the area’s natural environment.
  • Further investment in public transport to ensure residents have better access to vital public services and greater employment opportunities,
  • Upgrades to rail connectivity that can support residents, visitors and businesses and help address a historic lack of funding in rail infrastructure in the area.
  • Investment in ‘green’ transport infrastructure, including electric buses and electric vehicle charging, to ensure the area is future proofed as transport habits change in response to climate change.

Following submission of the responses, the Partnership has affirmed its commitment to now working with partners to ensure that the needs and aspirations for transport across South & East Lincolnshire can be delivered.

Councillor Paul Skinner, Leader of Boston Borough Council, said: “We know that improving transport links is a major concern for residents and businesses alike across our area. The improvements we’ve outlined in our responses reflect those concerns and would help revolutionise travel across not only our patch of Lincolnshire but throughout the county. Greater investment in the transport infrastructure we all rely on is vital for ensuring that our residents have access to greater opportunities, and that our businesses are equipped to grow and thrive.”

Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader for East Lindsey District Council, added: “I’m pleased that as a Partnership we’ve been able to submit these ambitious responses. We’re committed to working with partners to explore how we can bring these strategic investments and improvements to fruition and, in doing so, ensure that the transport network locally becomes an asset for our residents, businesses, and the millions that visit our area every year, rather than a hinderance as it has been historically.”

Councillor Gary Porter, Leader of South Holland District Council, said: “The national significance our area often gets overlooked, and our transport links are big contributor towards that. Supporting our partners to secure investment in our local transport network is vital to ensuring that we can make the most of our strengths – such as our prominent role in food production – and making sure that South & East Lincolnshire, and the entire county, gets the recognition it deserves at a national level.”

Response to LCC LTP5 – SELCP
South East Lincolnshire submission to Highways England vision for route strategies