As part of a consultation by telecommunications company BT into the removal of less-used payphones across the borough, Boston Borough Council has released its final response.

The notification setting out the decision has been drawn up following receipt of comments from parish and town councils.

The proposed payphones to be removed are as follows;

  • Junction of Mount Bridge Windsor Bank, Boston (01205 362853)
  • Opposite Pincushion Inn, London Road, Boston (01205 363109)

An objection was raised by a ward councillor, to the proposed removal of the payphone on Windsor Bank, Boston, on the grounds that enough phone calls are made to warrant its retention and no objections were received in relation to the proposed removal of the payphone opposite the Pincushion Inn, London Road.

The council had no role in drawing up the list of payphone services involved in the consultation, nor are they the determining authority in relation to the proposals to remove payphones/

You can view both the notification and the individual payphone decisions.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Development Management Team on 01205 314305.