Karl with his World Championship Trophy

The Rebel Racers bounced their way around the raceway as they raced on Sunday for the Nationals Final, Worldwide Rebellion away at Aldershot.

Karl Emmett from Boston was one of the 35 racers to take part and walked away with his very first World Championship Trophy. This world final was Rebel Racing’s 21st meeting this season and Karl will be racing next season (25th Silver Anniversary Year) with a Gold Roof Fin on his Rebel and of course can call himself ‘A World Champion’ for a whole year.

Rebels began life in late 1994 as a development of an idea by the founders to produce a contact racing series with the need for as little repair equipment as possible. Size and appearance was paramount in the design stage, enabling owners and drivers to be proud of their car whilst taking up as little space both at home and in transit.  Powered by a very reliable Reliant 850 all aluminium engine producing 60 plus h.p. at 7500 rpm these little racers are quick and very competitive.

The Rebellers this season have also raced at Lochgelly, Scotland, Birmingham, Stoke, Northampton, Mildenhall and Skegness.

Winner, Karl said: “Performance is excellent, but the competition is fierce, with all cars having the same limited suspension system, and dyno checked and sealed power, skill determination and perhaps luck play a big part in any race win.”

This year Karl has also won championships in eight other races including three memorials, clash series, Midland, King of the Hills and more.

To find out more about Rebel Racers please visit http://www.rebelsracing.com/ or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Rebels-Racing-188746097871117/

Lucy and Karl’s son sat on his Dad’s winning Race Car, Karl’s Dad John and Karl’s Sister Nicole Emmett – who also races alongside Karl with Rebels Racing