Many borough residents have driveways and paths which are gravelled, and a polite notice has been issued for them not to allow stones to spill over onto the footpath or the highway.

Boston Borough Council has had to respond to recent complaints about quite large amounts of granite chippings encroaching onto a pavement.

One complainant was concerned about the hazard presented to elderly pedestrians.

The council has been out to sweep the stones away, but residents are asked to keep their own frontages clear.

A council spokesman said: “Residents do have a duty of care and allowing stones to cause a potential hazard to others could be classed as a negligent act.

“It’s a simple matter for homeowners to just sweep stones back onto their own property and keep the footpaths and roads clear. We are just politely asking residents to be aware and to do that.”

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The recent incident in which complaints were received about stones on a footpath.