Empowering Healthy Communities Programme

Boston Borough Council’s Empowering Healthy Communities Programme is a health and wellbeing initiative, designed to support residents during and beyond Covid-19.

We’re working with organisations, volunteers and community leaders from across the borough to deliver the scheme, which received a £500,000 grant from the Government’s Community Champions Fund.

There’s a wide range of activities planned, all of which aim to strengthen links with Boston’s diverse communities and build trust and confidence, particularly around public health information.

With support from trusted community leaders and partners, we’re stepping up our efforts to reach people who might be isolated and less likely to engage with public services.

By diversifying, enhancing and accelerating community engagement, we want to address long-standing barriers to good physical and mental health – helping to keep COVID-19 infections as low as possible, while supporting the NHS to achieve high vaccination rates.

A number of initiatives are already underway and there will be further announcements over the coming months as each strand of the programme is launched.

Below are some of the activities taking place as part of the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme, with details on how you can get involved.

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