Council Tax Energy Bill Rebate


Update 5th September 2022


The energy rebate scheme will close on 30th September 2022 and we are starting the process to ensure that everyone who qualifies receives a payment, even if they have not yet completed our online form.


From today, you can no longer submit your details on our online application form.  If the Council thinks you qualify for the rebate, but you have not submitted a form, we will credit £150 to your Council Tax account, so that you do not miss out.  If we have to do this, we will write and let you know once it is done and you should reduce your Council tax payments by £150.  If it puts your account into credit, we will contact you to arrange for a refund.


If you have received a Post Office voucher, please be aware that these will expire very soon.  We will cancel any expired vouchers and credit people’s Council Tax accounts.