Environment Policy 2021

Boston Borough Council has declared an ongoing climate and environment emergency which recognises the need for urgent action and commits to ensuring environmental consideration and carbon reduction is embedded across all activities.

The environment is one of the three pillars of sustainability and should be equally balanced alongside economic and social considerations to achieve positive change across the Borough.

The Council recognises the impact of its own operations and is committed to using its powers and influence to minimise and address this while supporting others to do the same.

This Environment Policy provides a framework from which more detailed strategic documents and project plans will be developed. It sets out four key themes that provide the context for the Council as it works to deliver the new corporate priority around environmental awareness and accountability.

Theme one:
Protecting and recovering our natural environment

Theme two:
Mitigating and adapting to climate change

Theme three:
Enhancing our built environment

Theme four:
Ensuring a sustainable approach to waste and resource management

Under each theme, several priorities have been identified.

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