February 2021 Police Bulletin Update

Hello and welcome to our latest bulletin. My name is PCSO Kym Rayment, a Police Community Support officer. Since joining Lincolnshire Police in 2007 I have, with the exception of a two month period, worked alongside my colleagues in the Rural East Neighbourhood Policing team. The team cover an area that stretches from part of Fishtoft town to Wrangle, encompassing seven villages. This dictates that we often have to devise innovative and flexible methods for dealing with and delivering information. This has at times been challenging, given the extensive demographic of our area and our regular interaction with large groups of foreign national workers. When dealing with issues we are always conscious that individual needs vary enormously and we are mindful of being respectful towards different cultures and beliefs.

As 2021 and these unprecedented times continue, we are all still experiencing a degree of fear and uncertainty for what the future may hold as we try to adjust to the new “norm”. As a frontline Police worker I have strived to maintain the same level of commitment and continuity to the communities I serve, ensuring I strike a balance between enforcing current lockdown regulations and ensuring that my daily policing priorities are met.

During the previous three month period and in line with the new Neighbourhood Policing model, the team has focused attention on rising levels of Anti- social behaviour in our villages, particularly Old Leake and Butterwick. In response to the issues raised by our communities we have increased high visibility patrols in the areas and have undertaken a joint resolution approach in conjunction with the local community, Parish Council, schools and the Boston Borough Community safety team. As a result we have seen a marked reduction in the number of reported incidents. This is an issue that the team will continue to monitor. Moving forward our new priority will focus on all areas of road safety awareness including the enforcement of speeding/traffic offences and liaising with schools to better educate pupils on the dangers of cycling without helmets and lights.

It just remains for me to remind our readers that whilst we understand that this is a generation driven by social media, I must also stress the importance of reporting non-urgent issues direct to 101, or via the ‘contact us’ form on the Lincolnshire Police Website. Whilst we cannot always provide definitive answers or resolutions immediately we still need to be made aware that a problem does exist so we can do our best to help. Stay safe.