Cllr Jonathan Noble pictured showing the free parking notice on one of our ticket machines with a very happy Ray Taylor who was so pleased to receive his free parking ticket.

A reminder for all residents and visitors that Boston has 2.5 hours free parking for all shoppers and diners in all Boston Borough Council owned car parks.

Cllr Jonathan Noble, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Commercial, said: “This move was implemented on June 29th to help support the economy and the town centre as we began to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and move back to business as usual.

“I urge all residents and visitors to make sure they use the ticket machine in the car parks to get their free 2.5 hour parking ticket. It is so easy to use; just press the yellow button labelled free followed by the green button to issue the ticket.”

“We hope this will encourage everyone, give businesses the much needed support our beautiful town needs and help in boosting our local businesses back to economic success. We look forward to seeing the heart of Boston recover from this pandemic and we thank everyone for their cooperation during these times.”

The 2.5 hours free is available in the following car parks: Bargate Green, Custom House Quay, Cattle Market, Botolph Street, Doughty Quay, West End, St George’s Road, Artillery Row, Maud Street, Buoy Yard, Victoria Place, Staniland, George Street, Spayne Road and Tunnard Street.

Not included in this is Pump Square, Market Place, South Square, Station Approach and Wide Bargate.

For more information on this scheme and parking permits please visit: