Garden Waste Service 2022/23 – Terms and Conditions

  1. You have agreed for Boston Borough Council to collect your garden waste and to comply with the Council’s terms and conditions below in respect of this


  1. The Council’s terms and conditions are as follows:


  1. That you place appropriate garden waste into your brown bin. You should use your existing brown bin. If you do not have a brown bin, you should purchase one from the Council at a cost of £25 for this


  1. You will pay the Council an amount of £45 for a first bin of garden waste collected and £20 for each additional bin. Collections will be every alternate week throughout April 2022 until March 2023 with a break during the winter period. If you decide to purchase the service part way through the year, the cost will still be £45 for the collection of one bin and £20 for each addition bin, with payment being due again the following


  1. If you have paid for your service via direct debit, then we will notify you 3 days prior to your payment being taken. We will charge you based on the services you purchased last season excluding any bin purchase costs.


  1. If your original brown bin is damaged through your neglect or misuse or by wear and tear e.g. being overloaded or due to age, the cost of replacement will be chargeable to you at £25.


  1. If your bin becomes damaged by us as a result of our neglect or incorrect handling or by defective equipment, we will either repair it or replace it free of charge as soon as is reasonably practical. At our discretion we will replace your bin free of charge for only one If your bin is damaged, email us to report it at or contact us on 01205 314200.


  1. Payment for the service is required every year in advance of the service being delivered. You will be notified of the charge/payment date. If payment is not made by the date due for any reason, we will withdraw your subscription.


  1. When payment has been made for the garden waste service, you will receive one sticker for each bin you have paid for. Your sticker(s) may take up to 10 working days to arrive. Your garden waste bin will not be collected until:
    1. Your payment has cleared
    2. You have been sent a bin sticker and
    3. Your bin(s) is displaying a valid sticker at the time of your collection. A valid sticker must be displayed on the bin; the sticker informs crews of your entitlement to receive the service. Customers who are not displaying a sticker for any reason are not entitled to receive a collection service, even if payment has been


  1. If you move out of the Borough or stop using the service, we will not give a refund and you must inform us at your earliest convenience to ensure our systems are updated.


  1. If you move to another address in the Boston Borough area, you can take your brown bin(s) with you. To ensure that your collections continue you must contact us to transfer the service to your new address. We will not provide a service to your new address in any circumstances unless you notify us of your change of address. You should notify us by email at or by calling 01205


  1. You must attach the sticker we send to you to the back of your bin(s), please follow the instructions on the sticker.  We will not empty any bin(s) that does not display a valid sticker or where the sticker cannot be clearly seen by crews at the time of


  1. On your sticker within the blank space provided, you must write with a permanent marker pen, your house number or house name, street name and


  1. We will empty brown bins displaying a valid sticker 20 times alternate weekly between March and November, but we do not empty brown bins during December and January. For 2022, we will collect your brown bins on alternate weeks either on your green bin week or blue bin week, between 04 April 2022 and week commencing 21 November Your garden waste collections will then resume 20 February 2023 until 31 March 2023.


  1. Your brown bin(s) must only be used for garden waste from your property, or from that of a neighbour’s property if you are sharing one bin. Garden wastes accepted for collection include grass cuttings, hedge/tree cuttings, weeds, pruning’s and leaves. Wastes not accepted for collection in your brown bin(s) include food waste, animal waste, soil (including large quantities of soil attached to plant roots), household waste and bricks/rubble. Garden waste must be loose contained wholly within the bin with the lid firmly closed. We may reject bins if any of these conditions are not


  1. It is not permitted to share more than one bin between properties, e.g. to have more than one bin at a property for the purposes of sharing bins with other properties to avoid the first bin £45 registration charge. You can share only one bin with a neighbour if you both only have need of half a bin or less and have entered into a separate private agreement to share a bin and the costs of the service with a neighbour. We will regularly check our system with crew information and in-cab technology to verify bins which are shared between property locations and we reserve the right to reject and not empty of service any additional bins which we have reason to believe are shared outside the terms and


  1. You should ensure your bin(s) is placed on the curtilage of your property on the night before your collection or by 05:30am on the morning of your collection. We will not return to collect a bin which is presented late for collection. Our vehicles are equipped with CCTV monitoring equipment, which can be used to confirm whether a bin was presented in


  1. If you are registered to receive an Assisted Collection, we will collect your brown bin(s) at the agreed location on your collection day, empty your brown bin(s) and return it to the agreed


  1. If you are unsure on your collection day, please check your bin day on or call our customer service team on 01205 314200 and we will be able to inform you.


  1. We may change your collection day at any time. If we do this, we will notify you providing details of when your new collections will be.


  1. If we miss your bin, please report it to us on 01205 314200. We may check in-cab technology and CCTV to verify a bin has been missed. If we agree a bin was missed, we will do our best to collect it as soon as operationally


  1. Collections may be suspended, such as in severe weather, without notice or compensation. A recollection for any missed collections may be made where possible, however, these are not guaranteed if the reason for the suspended service is outside of our


  1. You are responsible for the contents of your bin. If the contents fail to empty fully during collection we will not return to collect any waste which remains in the bin. Your bin will be collected if presented on your next scheduled collection. In view of this please ensure that any garden waste is loose in your bin and not overly compact, that you do not overfill it and that is not overweight.


  1. The transfer of service to a third party where the third party is living at a different address is not The contract is with you as the purchase of the service.


  1. We will not be responsible for cleaning any bins at any time during or after collection in any


  1. If you die during the period you have paid for the service, then a refund for the annual service charge will be made to your estate, or to an individual who has been granted The refund will be pro-rata from the next whole month after the date of death. A refund will not be given to someone who has not satisfied the necessary legal requirements.


  1. From 07 February 2022 to 31 March 2022, customers paying for the 2022/23 service by Direct Debit by completing an online application having successfully answered the prize draw question, will be entered into a prize draw where the offer of a free service to the value of £45 will be This offer covers the collection of one bin free of charge for one year. If subsequent bins are paid for, they will be charged at £20 per bin. Customers are required to correctly answer a simple question about the garden waste service and once payment has been received by us, you will entered into the prize draw. The Council will randomly select 10 customers who answered the question correctly. We will contact you using the information you have given in your application and will then make a payment to the value of £45. The competition is not open to employees or members of Boston Borough Council or their immediate families. This competition will also be for existing Direct Debit customers who will be sent the competition question over via email using the information we have for you when you signed up to the service.


  1. From 07 February 2022 to 31 March 2022, customers paying 2022/23 service via Direct Debit or through online card payment will also be automatically entered into a draw to win a Lincolnshire Hamper up to the value of £45. The Council will randomly select one lucky winner who has signed up online between the dates above. We will contact you using the information you have given in your application and will then have the Lincolnshire Hamper delivered to your address. This competition is not open to employees or members of Boston Borough Council or their immediate families. This also applies to existing Direct Debit customers.


  1. Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, collection services may be disrupted and collections may not be carried out on scheduled collection days. We will endeavour however, to ensure you receive 20 collections during the payment


  1. If you wish to make a complaint about the service, you should contact us via email at or via telephone on 01205 314200 or by completing the online form by visiting


  1. Your personal contact details obtained through your application will be used by Boston Borough Council to contact you should we need to obtain further information from you about your application and to notify you of the action we are taking following your Boston Borough Council may also use your information for other lawful purposes such as to prevent fraud. All personal information will be processed in accordance with the current Data Protection Legislation and you have the right to see records relating to yourself and to ask that they be amended where they are inaccurate. A full explanation of your rights and our obligations are available on our website at We use: Abavus for the electronic forms, Data Graphic & UK Mail for printing, Capita for card payments and Go Cardless for the direct debit payments. Each of these companies process your information and are bound by contract to meet their Data Privacy obligations.