Thank you for supporting the introduction of the twin stream recycling service introduced earlier this year – we have seen the amount of materials able to be recycled increase and the ‘wrong’ materials in the bin has fallen which means that more of your waste is able to be recycled.

There are still a small number of residents that are putting items that we cannot recycle in the blue bin. To help these residents dispose of this waste, and enable them to start afresh with this important service we are going to collect any tagged contaminated blue recycling bins to allow them to start again with their recycling.

Week commencing Monday 18th October 2021 the Council will empty any tagged contaminated blue recycling bins that are presented alongside their green general waste bin on the scheduled collection day.

A contaminated bin is a blue bin which contains either the wrong recyclables, or mixed rubbish in it. Recycling crews have tagged and rejected any contaminated bin in the past as if this waste goes in with the recycling then the entire vehicle-load becomes contaminated and it may have to be diverted to the Energy from Waste plant rather than through the proper recycling channels.

If bins continue to be tagged after this an officer will visit your property to try to determine the reason why, and enforcement action may be taken.

Cllr Deborah Evans, Portfolio Holder for Waste Services, said: “Let’s move forward with getting Boston tidy and upping our recycling for a happier planet.

“As requested by Government it is down to each individual to take personal responsibility when it comes to recycling. It is important to ensure that the right materials go in the right bin. If we get it right, it gives the best opportunity for the materials to be recycled.”

Here’s how to get it right:

 To find out what materials should be in your bins, please refer to our website at

Common items that contaminate bins:

Plastic bagsIf you use plastics bags to collect your recycling materials, please tip the contents of the bag into the correct recycling bin. Afterwards either reuse it or recycle it at a local supermarket. If you are not going to recycle the emptied plastic bag, it should go in the green bin.

Plastic filmPlastic film and netting, such as cling film, crisp and sweet packets, biscuit wrappers, foiled lined plastics are not recyclable. All of these items should be put in your green bin.

Food containersAll plastic food container trays (apart from black and brown trays) should be rinsed before being placed in the blue bin. Cardboard food containers such as biscuit or cracker boxes should be placed in the purple/purple-lidded bin. If the containers have food in them, they can’t be recycled and should be placed in the green bin.

Food waste – All types of food waste should be placed in your green bin.

Polystyrene – Polystyrene can’t currently be recycled so please use your green bin.

NappiesNappies should be put in your green bin.

ClothesIf you have any clothes or any kind of fabric that you want to recycle you can take them to one of our recycling centres, local charity shops or upcycle them. If unable to be reused, then take them to your local HWRC