Green Homes Grant: Case Study

Elderly Couple from Mablethorpe save money on their electricity bill with new improvements made through the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

A resident from the Mablethorpe area is among the first to have benefitted from a £10,000 grant via the Green Homes Grant scheme.  The funding has seen the energy efficiency of their 100-year-old property improve drastically from rating of E to a new rating of C.

Mr Deveney, who moved to the Mablethorpe area in January this year, said he was aware of the low rating, but did not realise quite how cold it could be. The strong offshore winds from the North Sea caused a draught under the void space below the house however thanks to the funding available, this issue has now been resolved as East Lindsey District Council’s Green Homes Grant team have been able to offer underfloor and loft insulation to improve the warmth of the property. Mrs Deveney added that she has already been able to feel a difference in the temperature of the house since the works were completed three weeks ago and believes the improvements made will save them more money (than predicted) over the years, which they can then spend on their grandchildren and on enjoying retirement.

Eight solar panels were also added to the south elevation of the property, which even on an overcast day were still generating electricity. Mr Deveney has obtained a solar panel smart meter from his electricity provider which informs him of the electricity created and the cost of using appliances. The meter demonstrated that in fact, the solar panels are producing more energy than the current demand of the property meaning, the appliances in use are costing nothing to run. Mr Deveney added how pleased he was that his beautiful goldfish pond and power tools were now being powered by the newly installed solar panels!

In making these improvements to Mr and Mrs Deveney’s house, the environmental impact of the property has seen a vast reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from previously producing 8.2 tonnes of Co2 to now producing 5.2 tonnes.

The Green Home Grants Team are working hard to identify and improve homes within the East Lindsey and Boston area to radically reduce co2 emissions, help residents reduce bills and keep warm for winter. This case is the first of many successes that the Climate Change and Environment Team hopes to achieve in the coming month. If you are interested in learning more about the Green Homes Grant Schemes being delivered by the councils across East Lindsey and Boston Borough, please email the team at to find out how you could benefit too!