Grounds Maintenance


We currently undertake a wide variety of maintenance jobs throughout the borough. We strive to make Boston a more colourful attractive place to live, work and visit.

Our main job roles consist of grass cutting, hedge pruning, tree pruning, play area inspections and seasonal planting for bedding areas hanging baskets and barrier baskets.

The areas we cover are:

  • Grass verges
  • Public open space
  • Amenity areas
  • Civic spaces
  • Closed church yards
  • Cemeteries
  • Crematorium
  • Sports fields
  • Recreation areas
  • Out door play areas
  • Road islands
  • Pumping stations

Please see our frequently asked questions for more information on our services we provide.

Why has the grass not been cut?

Firstly we must identify if the area in question is to be maintained by the Council, because it could be in the ownership of others, and therefore not our responsibility. Secondly, if it is an area that the Council should be maintaining, then we need to check why it is not being cut, and then act as necessary. When we are made aware of any missed grass we will endeavour our very best to get the grass cut as soon as possible

Why have you stopped grass cutting?

Grass cutting can be suspended during persistent wet weather conditions when there is a likelihood of causing damage, creating an eyesore or concerns over operator safety.

Why are the grass cuttings not taken away?

It is currently not Boston Borough Council standard practice to ‘box off’ grass cuttings, and therefore the grass cuttings are not collected but left to go back into the ground. If we were to remove grass cuttings we would more than double the costs of this service, and the ground would deteriorate as cuttings and leaves put nutrients back into the ground. We do sweep or blow off any cuttings that get transferred to footpaths at the time of cutting.

How often are the play areas inspected?

The play areas are inspected weekly by our grounds staff. For more information on play areas please following this link play areas. Not all play areas are maintained by Boston Borough Council. For all other play areas please contact your local parish councillor.

How often are the hedges trimmed?

If the hedge is the responsibility of Boston Borough Council it should be cut between July and November to avoid disturbing nesting birds. The frequency is determined by the amount of growth the hedge makes, and it is cut using good ecological and horticultural practice.

How often is weed spraying carried out on paths and hard surfaces?

High ways are sprayed twice a year.

Who do I contact regarding overgrown tree

We need to firstly identify if the tree is maintained by Boston Borough Council as they may lie in ownership of others. Tree’s on highway verges mostly belong to Lincolnshire County Council please contact them on 01522 782070 if the tree is on the highway verge. If you live on a local housing association area then there is a good chance the tree belongs to them please contact the housing association. If you believe the tree to belong Boston Borough Council please call 01205 314200.

Who do I report a dangerous tree too

If the dangerous tree is affecting the highway please contact Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782070. Once again who ever the land owner is they need to be contacted regarding the dangerous tree. If it is a Boston Borough Council tree please call us on 01205 314200.

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