How to apply for a HMO Licence, make a change or renew a licence


Please download the HMO licence application from here:

HMO licence application form [1Mb]

You will need to complete the form with the required information and save it to your computer or device.

Then click on the following link to register on the Boston HMO Licensing portal.

CLICK HERE to access the HMO Portal

Following registration you will be asked to provide your contact details before you are able to enter the address of the property to be licensed. Payment of the application fee (see below) will then be required before being able to upload the completed application form for the property and the required documents and certificates to submit a complete application. Further HMO Licence applications may be made by entering the address of the property requiring licensing and following the process above.

When registered on the portal you will be able to view records of your completed HMO licence applications, your pending records, and other functions by clicking on My Services.

The total licence fee is £948 for a five year licence, which may be paid in full or in two instalments – an initial application fee of £479 and a second payment of £469 before a licence is issued. Landlords are reminded that no refund of the application fee will be made if their HMO application is refused.

In terms of documents and certification, all HMO landlords should already have and be able to scan and upload the following:

  • Evidence of residential addresses of all individuals named in the application form

  • Current fire alarm test certificate

  • Service contract for alarm and fire systems

  • Fire safety risk assessment

  • Current emergency lighting system test certificate – if such a system is installed

  • Current landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate – if gas in use at the premises

  • Most recent Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate – if any electrical appliances are provided

  • Building Regulations completion certificate and planning consents – if applicable

Landlords that are currently compliant with the Management Regulations will also have a valid five year electrical test certificate.

In terms of supplying a Basic Disclosure certificate dated no more than one month prior to making an HMO Licence application, if a landlord has applied to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) prior to submitting the HMO licence application but has not received the certificate, the Council will consider the application to be valid providing the DBS application date, application number and receipt of application to the Service is submitted with the HMO application – please add the documents under ‘Basic Disclosure certificate’ in the dropdown box on the portal. On this basis, the Council would not recommend that a landlord holds off making their HMO Licence application online until the last minute simply because they have made, but are awaiting supply of their Basic Disclosure certificate. 

Practically, landlords seeking to licence a single HMO may be well advised to make their online application to the DBS immediately prior to making their online application for an HMO Licence.  This way the Basic Disclosure certificate will always be dated after the application date.

Landlords making multiple HMO applications may wish to follow the same process and then ensure that their last application is made no more than one month after the actual issue date of the Basic Disclosure certificate.

If you have any questions relating to a licence in the first instance please see the Frequently Asked Questions in Related documents and then if required contact the Private Sector Housing team at

Will tacit (implied) consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that Boston Borough Council process the application to determine whether the applicant is a fit and proper person to hold the licence and if the property is suitable. After completing and submitting your application please monitor the HMO Licensing portal for progress. Depending on the number of applications received it may take some months to fully process all applications. 

Right to appeal

In the first instance please contact the Private Sector Housing Team at

The applicant or any relevant person may appeal to a residential property tribunal regarding conditions attached to a licence or any decision to vary, revoke, grant or refuse a licence. Any appeal must be made to the tribunal within 28 days of the decision being made.

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