Keeping Informed


Lincolnshire local authorities work in partnership to host Landlords’ Forums across the county.

To be informed about future events to be held in Boston, email the Housing Team at to be added to the mailing list.

The Lincolnshire Landlords’ newsletter contains details of future planned events and includes updates for landlords on changes in legislation and relevant news from across the county. To sign up for the newsletter, visit DASH Services Lincolnshire Landlord Newsletter in Useful links.

The newsletter is managed by DASH Services. DASH Services and DASH Accreditation are projects to raise the standards in rented housing in the East Midlands. See Useful links for further information.

DASH Landlord Accreditation

Boston Borough Council works in partnership with DASH Landlord Accreditation to raise awareness of the regional landlord accreditation scheme that encourages and rewards good property standards and management practice in the private rented sector.

Being a DASH Accredited Landlord will set you apart from the rest. The scheme provides public recognition that you are a reputable landlord who not only maintains property standards but who also treats tenants fairly and manages the property well.

Membership normally costs £99; however, landlords in the Boston Borough are able to join FREE of charge and membership lasts for 3 years. Members benefit from advice and guidance as well as a variety of financial discounts and access to a support network with a comprehensive resource library, newsletters and events.

Accreditation is awarded to the landlord rather than the property and landlords are able to complete online training and attend various events and seminars to aid their business.

To apply visit the DASH Accreditation website – see Useful links.

Landlord associations

There are a number of landlord associations which can support and advise landlords. One of the most popular is the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) which Boston Borough Council work closely with to improve the standard of rented property in the borough. The association was created in 2020 from the merger of the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA). The NRLA offers an Accreditation Scheme with supporting development training.

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