Maintaining & Improving Your Home – Owner / Occupiers


Some homeowners, particularly those on low incomes or with long term health issues, do not always have the resources to maintain their property.

The council is able to offer the following assistance to households living in the borough to help them maintain and improve their home:

* Advice – the council can help identify what repairs are needed in your home and work with you to make sure you take advantage of any available assistance:
* For help with small repairs, this may include referral to a handyperson scheme.

* For assistance to remove serious hazards, the Small Works Loan Scheme for Vulnerable Households may assist eligible households who do not have the resources to pay for urgent remedial works themselves.

For further information, you can contact us by telephone 01205 314 563 or by email at

Insulation and heating grants

For assistance with grants for insulation and heating, see ‘Energy Efficiency’.




Facilities Grant