How the Grant Works

The first step to applying for a grant under either of the Sustainable Warmth schemes is firstly to check if your property is eligible.

If you don’t know your current EPC rating, you can take a look at Find your Energy Certificate and see if your property is listed. If no EPC is listed for your property, but neighbouring properties of a similar nature appear to qualify, it is worth giving us a call as we have limited funding to undertake EPC assessments on your behalf.

If your income is also underneath the annual household threshold of £30,000 per year then please make contact with our Team to run through an initial application form.

Once an application has been made, your case will be referred to our Contractors who will arrange a convenient time with you to come and undertake an assessment of your property. This is usually within 2-4 weeks of the initial enquiry.

Once the assessment has been done, a Retrofit Plan will be produced which makes a series of recommendations specific to your property which will improve its energy efficiency performance in line with the funding available. The details of this plan will be discussed with you by one of our Team prior to an offer letter being sent out. This can be between 2-4 weeks after the property assessment.

Once measures have been agreed and we have received a signed offer letter we will instruct the Contractors to undertake the works. This will require additional technical surveys and inspections to be carried out depending on the particular measures being installed. The average timeframe for completion of all works varies but is typically between three and six months depending from the point of a signed offer letter being received.

Further inspections visits may be undertaken by our Team both during installations and after the completion of all measures for quality monitoring purposes. Upon completion, a pack containing all relevant aftercare information and certifications will be provided to you.