HUG1 Grant Scheme

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG1) scheme is designed to provide energy efficiency upgrades and low-carbon heating solutions to low-income households living off-gas grid (i.e. there is no option to connect to the mains gas network in that area).

The grants available will be between £10,000 and £25,000 per home depending upon the starting Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the property and its starting fuel type. Grant awards will be on a sliding scale with the most funding available to the lowest EPC rated properties with fossil fuel heating systems such as oil, LPG or coal.

The scheme will target low carbon heating in addition to insulation methods with the funding tailored towards options such as air or ground source heat pumps or high retention electric storage heaters.

Insulation measures could include external wall, cavity, underfloor, loft or internal wall alongside things like smart heating controls, solar panels and low energy lighting upgrades.

To be eligible for the grants, your property must have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of E, F or G and a household income of less than £30k per year. In the case of rental properties, the income eligibility relates to the property’s tenants. Landlords will be required to contribute one-third of the cost of upgrades themselves.

Landlords will be required to contribute one-third of the cost of upgrades themselves and are reminded that the Government has indicated it intends to increase the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations from the current EPC rating E to EPC rating C by 2030 so this is an opportunity to take advantage of available grants to prepare for these changes.

If you have any queries regarding the grant please feel free to contact or call 01507 613573.