I had the amazing opportunity to go on the first of the limited hard hat tours at Boston Stump, writes Jasmine Lilley.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go up Boston Stump ON THE OUTSIDE.

I climbed the 24-storey high scaffolding, as part of the first customer group to go up.

We had a very informative guide who was professional and friendly, chatting to us the whole time and ensuring everyone was safe and felt okay.

We climbed up the metal steps stopping at various platforms to see what work was being done on specific parts and why. We had discussions about the wonderful building while learning about the restoration work taking place. We also got to see the incredible views over Boston as we climbed. I am very glad I got to enjoy this experience, to be so close to such an iconic building and be able to actually touch the stonework so high up that’s been there for so long as part of the history of Boston.