It is difficult to lose someone close at any time let alone during this global pandemic when restrictions are placed on us all.  To ensure compliance with COVID requirements and our own risk assessment, we are only able to allow a maximum of 24 mourners to attend a funeral service at Boston Crematorium despite the national permitted number being 30; we ask everyone to respect both the wishes of families responsible for inviting those they would like to attend funeral services and prevailing national regulations. The restriction to 24 people attending services at Boston Crematorium applies to the total number of people who can be present, it does not mean that there can be 24 people inside with a further 6 outside.

We have received several reports of gatherings outside of the crematorium grounds, on the streets leading up to the crematorium and on the streets of the deceased. We clearly understand the desire of friends, neighbours and colleagues to pay their respects but would caution against any gathering that could breach the current regulations that are aimed at keeping everyone in our communities safe.

Boston Crematorium does have the ability to live stream services and some families have taken this option. These are such difficult times to lose someone but please do stay at home and do not put yourself and your community at risk if you are unable to attend a service being held at the Crematorium.