Kirton keeping watch for law-breaking drivers

Speeding drivers in Kirton have been warned – Speedwatch volunteers have them in their sights.

A recent Speedwatch session on Willington Road revealed that almost 20 per cent of drivers were exceeding the 30mph limit by more than 5mph.

An appeal has been issued for more to join the Speedwatch team. They can do this by contacting Kirton Parish Council Clerk Belinda Buttery on 01205 460618.

A spokesman for the council said: “Local Speedwatch volunteers are local residents who are fed up with people speeding where they live and just want drivers to do the right thing and slow down and observe the speed limit.

“Drivers should be aware that this is a national campaign and on the first two occasions they receive a warning letter and on the third occasion that they have been observed breaking the speed limit they will receive a visit from the police with the appropriate fine and penalty points notice. Everyone using a hand-held phone or not wearing a seatbelt while driving will also be recorded and the police informed.”