A new blueprint for creating a more active Lincolnshire has been launched by a new taskforce set up last year to help more people lead active lives.

The Lincolnshire Physical Activity Taskforce, now numbering more than 60 partners from business, education, health, local government and the charity and voluntary sector, came together to celebrate the new blueprint and new identity, “Let’s Move Lincolnshire”.

Dr Jayne Mitchell, taskforce chairman, presented the new plan saying: “This marks another important step in the creation of a new physical activity strategy for the county.

“We have a huge challenge in Lincolnshire to turn the tide of inactivity, but the enthusiasm and commitment from partners today demonstrates that we can achieve real change by working in collaboration.”

Phil Perry, Boston Borough Council’s Boston’s representative on the taskforce said:  “Boston’s strategic health group recognises and supports physical activity as a key driver to achieving an aim to encourage adults and children to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviours.”

In Boston health and lifestyle choices have been addressed by the borough council over the past few years with the development of a range of free outdoor fitness equipment available at many of the public parks and play areas.

The blueprint introduces the integrated lifestyle service across the county for this summer, which has a focus on supporting people to be more physically active to improve their health.

Professor Tess Kay, a leading expert on sport, health, inequality and exclusion from Stirling University, outlined the role that sport and physical activity can play in addressing health inequalities in Lincolnshire, and shared her research into the wider barriers and constraints that affect disadvantaged groups.

The launch event finished with a thought-provoking session from Lincoln’s social marketing and behaviour change expert, Kelly Hunstone, who examined how we understand and change ingrained behaviours at population level and asked delegates how we apply this approach to achieve the blueprint.